Peanut Lacrosse Massage Ball

Massage Therapy Balls are designed to provide a comfortable application of pressure to sore muscles and connective tissue. Alleviate kinks and cramps anywhere you feel minor pain and tightness.
  • Made of durable, solid rubber. Massage Balls provide greater support than other balls and more pliable massage tools, while rubbing out tension from the top of the neck down to the sacrum, from the base of the spine to the toes. Dense rubber reaches deeper into the fascia for tension release.
  • Give your body a therapeutic self-massage as often as you need. Easily integrates into any CrossFit, yoga, pilates, cycling, running, weightlifting, physical therapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation, and sport's medicine exercise routine. Great as a quick pre-workout warm up or any time you need relief.
  • Package Contains Two Ergonomically Designed Massage Therapy Balls, A Carry Case and Workout Starter Guide and 100% Guarantee Policy Simple return the product if you aren't satisfied with it. You also have 6 Color Choices to choose from.
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